The ability to remain calm and collected under pressure, and to understand what needs to be done in a difficult situation, is an important and useful skill. If you have this ability, you might be ideal for a career in emergency management. Being able to identify, and prepare for, potential problems and disasters is essential when it comes to emergency management. If you understand the risks that nature poses, and if you are well equipped to deal with them, you can enjoy a rewarding career, as well as provided a much needed service in your local community.

As you consider whether or not emergency management is the career for you, it can help to have access to a variety of resources that can help you make the decision. The Internet is full of great videos that can illustrate the importance of certain actions during an emergency. No matter your salary, or level or experience, these videos can provide pertinent information. For beginners, online videos are invaluable. For the seasoned veteran of emergency management, they offer a solid refresher course that can remind you of the most important policies and procedures. If you are looking for information on emergency management, here are 50 YouTube videos that serve as solid resources:

General Emergency Management Videos

Get proper insight into emergency management. These videos include principles of emergency preparedness and basic First Aid, and helpful information on what you can do to prepare yourself and your community for an unexpected disaster. Great information that can be useful in almost any emergency.

  1. Emergency Management Training: A look at the importance of members of your team knowing what they should be doing.
  2. Emergency Communication for Community Disasters: Helpful training video.
  3. State Emergency Operations Center: A great tour of the this center so that you can see what makes up a good emergency center.
  4. Professional Management Tips: Emergency Response: A business oriented video about emergency preparedness. 
  5. PEPCO Emergency Preparedness Tips: Helpful tips that can help emergency professionals keep the basics on hand.
  6. Survive a Disaster? 6 Disaster Preparedness Tips For An Emergency: These simple reminders for family preparedness can be good for emergency professionals.
  7. First Aid Kits and Tips: Use this series of videos to learn about First Aid.

Earthquake Management Videos

One of the scariest of Mother Nature’s disasters is the earthquake. An earthquake comes with its own challenges. These videos can help you prepare for an earthquake, and allow you to create an action plan that gets you ready.

  1. FEMA Kids – Earthquake Drill: A good drill to teach kids for earthquakes.
  2. Earthquake Preparedness Tips: An emergency preparedness director offers tips on earthquake.
  3. How to Protect Yourself in an Earthquake: Know what to do, and educate your community.
  4. The Great Southern California ShakeOut: Look at one area’s look at an earthquake drill to test emergency management.
  5. Disaster Drill Preparedness Discussion: Learn how to discuss different aspects of an earthquake drill.

Wild Fire Management Videos

When a wild fire is coming, you want to be ready. Evacuation, fire fighting coordination and other issues need to be addressed. Watch these YouTube videos to learn more about getting ready to manage the issues that come with wild fire.

  1. Marin on Fire: Community: Helpful tips any community can use protect against wild fire.
  2. Top 5 Tips to Prevent Wildfires: Educational resource that can be used by management officials.
  3. Fire Mitigation Tips: Help prevent emergency fire situations in your community.
  4. Wildfire Prevention Tips: How to keep your community safe.
  5. WebEOC used during the California Wildfire Response: A look at a system to help with emergency management during wild fire.
  6. How to Plan an Evacuation Drill – Fire Drilling: Properly plan a fire drill.

Flood Management Videos

Prepare for a flood with these videos. Take a look at what you need in order to get ready for flooding, and to protect your community against the ravages of water. Great tips, techniques and preparedness information in these videos.

  1. 5 Flood Prevention Tips: Emergency management director helps you understand flood risk.
  2. Flood Fighting with Sandbags: Helpful information on an effect sandbag operation.
  3. Tips about food after a flood: Informational video about food after a flood. Perfect for educating those who use American Sign Language.
  4. FEMA Offers Tips for Flood Victims: Good tips for you to provide for flood victims.
  5. Flooding along the river: How to prepare: You can get some solid tips from the Red Cross.

Tornado Management Videos

One of the keys to management a tornado emergency is early warning. These videos can help you get the right preparations in place, as well as help you learn what you need to do to manage the situation in the aftermath of a tornado.

  1. Workplace tornado drills ensure tornado safety: How to run a tornado drill, and why it’s important.
  2. Tornado Preparedness: Great tips for community preparedness.
  3. Tornado Preparedness: A great look at how to prepare for a tornado.
  4. Preparedness Makes a Difference: Inspiring real-life story of the importance of tornado preparedness.

Hurricane Management Videos

We’ve all seen horror stories associated with hurricane disaster management. While there is no way to manage an emergency perfectly, these YouTube videos can help you avoid some of the more glaring mistakes. Use them to improve your disaster response capabilities.

  1. Hurricane Preparedness: Supplies that you should have on hand for a hurricane.
  2. Craig Fugate on Hurricane Preparedness: How your community can get ready for hurricane.
  3. Tips on Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness: Helpful hints you can use in your community.
  4. 2011 Hurricane Preparedness PSAs: Get a Plan!: Items you need to include in a hurricane plan.

Avalanche and Landslide Management Videos

Take a look at these videos to learn more about how to manage an emergency that deals with an avalanche or a landslide. Practical tips, good information, and knowledge about what happens during these disasters can be found with these videos.

  1. When Nature Strikes Back: Landslides: A look at landslides. Educational and practical.
  2. Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation for Flood and Landslide-Prone Communities in the Philippines: Read the subtitles for tips that can help your community — anywhere in the world.
  3. Educational Avalanche Safety Tips with Jeremy Jones: Learn how to respond to an avalanche.
  4. Snowshoeing Tips Avalanche Awareness: Great video on being aware of avalanches.

Hazardous Materials and Disease Outbreak Management Videos

Sometimes, the threat isn’t necessarily Mother Nature. These videos can help you manage an emergency that involves the release of hazardous materials into the environment, as well as what you can do to manage a disease outbreak. Stay ahead of the next pandemic or biohazard scare.

  1. Hazardous Materials Team Training: Learn more about hazmat training.
  2. Hazardous Materials Training: See how a training drill should be run.
  3. Pandemic Survival Tips: Ideas for making it through a pandemic.
  4. PublicHealth257B Fall09 Lecture 1: UC Berkeley offers this helpful emergency management lecture with a public health focus.
  5. Pandemic Education and Prevention: A helpful video about pandemic, and how to avoid problems.

Search & Rescue

You might need to manage a search and rescue operation as part of your emergency management position. These videos can help you learn how to properly coordinate efforts, and what protocols to follow.

  1. Search & Rescue Video Training: Equipment: Equipment needed for search and rescue.
  2. Search and Rescue Training Drill: Helpful video about running a drill.
  3. EMTC Course: A practical look at loading a stretcher during a drill.
  4. Ryan United Search & Rescue Tips: Practical tips for communities.
  5. Train for a Rescue Dog: Learn how to train a rescue dog.

Other Disaster Management

If you run into other disasters, you might need some help. These videos can help you manage emergencies related to drought, tsunami, nuclear meltdown, and other issues that might affect your community.

  1. How to Cope With Drought: Tips for being ready for drought.
  2. Why Prepare?: A look at the importance of preparedness, related to tsunami, earthquake, nuclear problems.
  3. Nuclear Preparedness: Get ready for this possible emergency for your community.
  4. Tsunami Preparedness Along the West Coast of the USA: Shows you how to prepare for this possible disaster, and what measures to take.
  5. Volcanic Eruption PSA: Fun video about preparedness when living near a volcano.