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Emergencymanagementdegree.com was prepared by Audrey Banks in 2011 with the intent to help students who are interested in taking up a course in emergency management and disaster management. One of my friends was looking on internet for information on the various courses available in emergency management. While helping him, we collected a lot of info on the various types of courses in emergency management and the colleges and universities that offer the courses. So we decided to make this website in order to help the individuals who look up for this information in future. This website contains all the necessary information which could help an individual in deciding a degree which suits ones needs and the college where one can take up the course.

This website has information on these degrees, about the field in general, a list of colleges and links to get more information on the colleges, the courses they offer, the salaries of emergency management professionals, and the career options after the degree is completed. Most of this information is available on the internet in different locations. We have only collected the information and made it more categorized for better helping of the students who wish to take up the courses.

We shall try our best to keep the data on our websites up to date with the changing times, but in case we mess up on something, we urge our visitors to let us know via email.

We can be reached at info@emergencymanagementdegree.com