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Average Salary With an Emergency Management Degree

Emergency management degree programs are becoming increasingly popular as countries and companies see the benefits of having a response team in place for any kind of unforeseen disaster. The salary you’ll receive with a degree in emergency management depends on a number of factors such as the type of job you do, your location, and your experience.

Base Salary for Emergency Management Workers

As an emergency management worker, you can expect to earn $31,062 to $91,525 annually. These salary rates include bonuses, which many companies and government departments give employees at the end of the year. Keep in mind that in most emergency management positions, you’ll also be offered a benefits package, which could include things such as health and dental coverage, a retirement fun, paid travel, and more.

Emergency Management Salary by Job/Industry

The type of job you take makes a huge difference in the salary you’re offered as someone working in the emergency management field. Here are the salary ranges you can expect according to Payscale.com, based on industry:

  • Military / Armed Forces: $29,413 to $68,658
  • Government: $27,168 to $81,478
  • Education, College/University $37,825 – $62,857
  • Public Safety $38,000 – $50,000
  • Healthcare $44,346 – $63,484
  • Government Contractor: $49,132 to $96,298

As you can see, you can make a wide range of salaries in this field, from less than $30,000 per year to nearly a six-figure salary. Typically, the more experience you have and the more responsibilities you take on, the more you’ll get paid. Someone responsible for the safety of the president in an emergency situation is going to be paid more than someone who edits public health brochures for a local clinic.

Making More Money as an Emergency Management Worker

If you want to make more money in this field, switching industries and gaining experience aren’t your only options. Other factors that affect salary include:

  • Location – in some areas of the country, especially where demand for workers is greater, you can make more money
  • Education Level – if you have an advanced degree, you’ll typically make more money than if you have just a bachelor’s degree
  • Specialty – by specializing, you’ll have advanced knowledge in a certain part of the emergency management field, which means you’ll typically make more money
  • Employer – within each industry, certain employers pay more than others

Emergency & Crisis Management Degrees Online

Kaplan University – The BS in Fire & Emergency Management and MS in Fire & Emergency Services programs at Kaplan University are designed to teach the latest in technological advances in the emergency services field. The goals of the programs include connecting theory with real-life scenarios and earning proficiency in such subjects as strategic planning, leadership, and emergency services management.
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Grand Canyon University – The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management from Grand Canyon University is designed for the working professional with at least two years of college experience. The Master of Science in Leadership with an Emphasis in Disaster Preparedness provides graduates of the National Fire Academy's Executive Fire Officer Program an opportunity to complete their graduate degree.
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Benedictine University – The BAM in Disaster Management and MPH in Disaster Management are programs that both have at their core the study of accessing, preparing, and mitigating disaster. The MPH specialization teaches you abilities necessary to prepare for and prevent disasters, assess risk, communicate, make decisions, and take action.
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Walden University – The MS/CJ in Emergency Management is designed to impart vital issues in the field including ethics and public policy. The MPP program features a curriculum that explores the skills to lead, manage, and motivate others during emergencies. For those interested in the human element of disaster management, an MS and PhD is offered.
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Argosy University – The MS and MBA in Public Administration program at Argosy University offers a dynamic course selection that develops problem solving which can be applied to emergency preparedness situations. In this post 9/11 world, federal, state, and local governments are in high demand for those that possess these life saving skills. The program is built for the working professional.
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Eastern Kentucky University – The MS in Fire & Emergency Services program at Eastern Kentucky University features a curriculum designed to offer students with the most up-to-date knowledge of the expanding field of emergency services. Topics include Business Continuity, Emergency Action Plan, Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Business Restoration, and Management Practices.
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